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Domestic Violence

Allegations of domestic violence are getting increasingly complex. It is important to get an experienced lawyer on your side to make sure your voice is heard. Call now before it is too late to minimize disruption in your life.

Drug Offences

Sentences for drug offences have increased significantly. Whether an allegation of dealing or just possession, call now.


Not all lawyers also do parole hearings. I regularly represent clients at the Parole Board of Canada. 

Property Charges

Call if you have been charged with break and enter, robbery, theft, possession of stolen property, fraud, uttering forged documents, or credit card offences. 


Persons under 18 are subject to unique laws and procedures. I regularly appear in youth court and am experienced with youth law. 

Bail Hearings

Canadians have the constitutional right to reasonable bail. While its importance is often overlooked, getting bail is frequently the most influential factor to a case's outcome.

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